Tumare Darshon (MC I​-​AM Remix)

from by MC I∞AM



Your presence and your magnificence is excellence personified
Played at love I really tried, but somehow that spark just always died
That changed when I met you
My dreams began to come true
Can never question my love for you, or why you do the things that you do
That voodoo that you put on me, has me fulfilling my destiny, helping a planet achieve and believe in a greater path of harmony
We're coming into unity, the fruits of your love for me, affecting everyone I see
Oh goddess your darshan just set me free

Chorus: Tumare darshan ki bela, ye mausam raas rachane ka

Lady in red dancing with me
Cheek to cheek
With six inch heels on her feet
Moving in time to the beat
No one else could ever compete
You’re a complex mystery
A Rubik’s Cube placed in front of me
But all of the colors just seem to match
A greater plan only the Divine could hatch
Now we’re into phase two
This is where I profess my love for you
And hope and pray that you love me too
I'm looking forward to growing old with you
And along the way have a kid or two maybe three
You’re a great mother to be
Oh goddess thank you for loving me
And blessing me with eternal serenity

Chorus: Tumare darshan ki bela, ye mausam raas rachane ka

Women are from Venus and men are from mars
But I swear you came straight from the stars
A blessing that fell out of the sky
Pinching myself and I’m asking why
Blessed by abundance and creativity
Are you Lakshmi or Sarasvati
‘Cause everyday has been a party
Since you came into my reality
Hold my feet down to the fire
Inspiring me to go higher
I'm just a hunk of burning love
Been blessed by the fire of a christed dove
Your holy spirit sets me free
Keep praying that rosary
This is a love you see it was meant to me
Kismet you see it was destiny

Chorus: Tumare darshan ki bela, ye mausam raas rachane ka


from Dance Away Your Density: Mantra Mash​-​Up, released December 5, 2012



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MC I∞AM Naples, Florida

MC I∞AM (aka Panache Desai) comes from an ancient lineage of rappers called Brahmins. As a teenager growing up in the rough streets of London, Panache found the “street-power” of his voice when he started rapping at underground raves. This fusion of ancient Brahmin and modern rapper has created a new voice – the voice of MC I∞AM calling for freedom, empowerment, abundance and justice for all. ... more

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