If you tighten the string too tightly
It will break
If you leave the string too loose
It won’t play
The Middle Path
Buddha mind

Om Mani Peme Hum

Living the Dharma

Enlightenment cannot be found in a palace
Enlightenment cannot be found underneath a banyan tree
The enlightenment that you seek can only be found in each breath
The enlightenment that you seek is within
It’s in all things
It’s time to allow your crown chakra to flower
So that the seed of consciousness that the Divine planted within you
Can reveal itself to you now
The blue pearl
The sacred pearl
The seed of all wisdom
It’s not in the renunciation of the world that liberation is found
It is through the inclusion of the yin and the yang that the ultimate truth of reality comes into being
The Middle Path
The Middle Path
The Buddha Way


from Dance Away Your Density: Mantra Mash​-​Up, released December 5, 2012



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MC I∞AM Naples, Florida

MC I∞AM (aka Panache Desai) comes from an ancient lineage of rappers called Brahmins. As a teenager growing up in the rough streets of London, Panache found the “street-power” of his voice when he started rapping at underground raves. This fusion of ancient Brahmin and modern rapper has created a new voice – the voice of MC I∞AM calling for freedom, empowerment, abundance and justice for all. ... more

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