I am sick and tired of this social distortion
I am sick and tired of the inequality
and will no longer allow you to keep an entire species in prison
It is time for the revolution to begin
Your time is at an end
It is time for people to be empowered with the truth
And where we go from here is up to you.

I'm sick and tired of the social distortion, mind control, and mass manipulation
Propaganda, greed and corruption
That keep us all a part of the system

Freedom is an absolute illusion
Everyone was born into prison
Fear, lack, scarcity and separation
Undermining an entire nation

I've had enough of this mind control
Rupert Murdoch doesn't own my soul
Fear, fear, fear that’s all you hear
That’s the only headline throughout the year
There has to be another way
I drop to my knees and start to pray
Time to get it on and I don't delay
If you've had enough let me hear you say

We won't do
What you say
We are here to be
Free today

Born a piece of corporate chattel
Chains you can't see but you can them hear them rattle
Time to get up and step into battle
Stop being blinded by the razzle dazzle
Time to get actual factuals
Start examining the particles and fractals
It's about gain and year end financials
Dealing with a bunch of dirty little rascals

Private jets, vacations, and brothels
Mistresses in Dubai and Brussels
Moral fiber been traded for muscle
Ingenuity traded for hustle
When did we get so damn jaded
The boundaries become so faded
Nobody knows what's right and wrong
So put your hands up and sing this song

We won't do
What you say
We are here to be
Free today

Whole world is in the hole
News networks put on a show
To distract you from the truth they know
That our world leaders have sold their souls
A delusion you can believe in
A dream you can buy into
Work hard your life and still get screwed
Isn't that unfair and rude
Time to give to it to you raw
Nothing left here anymore
Manufacturing on foreign shores
Money for oil and global wars
Global deficit
Grand kids will have to pay for it
Gonna have to pick up the slack
Get this monkey off our backs
As I ride on the rhythm upon the slip back upon the attack

We won't do
What you say
We are here to be
Free today


from Dance Away Your Density: Mantra Mash​-​Up, released December 5, 2012



all rights reserved


MC I∞AM Naples, Florida

MC I∞AM (aka Panache Desai) comes from an ancient lineage of rappers called Brahmins. As a teenager growing up in the rough streets of London, Panache found the “street-power” of his voice when he started rapping at underground raves. This fusion of ancient Brahmin and modern rapper has created a new voice – the voice of MC I∞AM calling for freedom, empowerment, abundance and justice for all. ... more

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