Oneness is your natural state of being
Oneness is all inclusive

Hare Om, Hare Om, Hare Om Tatsa

The journey into oneness is the journey into the fullness of who you are here to be
You are already enlightened
You are already realized
You are the Divine’s one true love
You are the Divine’s perfect creation
And it’s time to embrace all that you are
Time to embrace every emotion
Time to embrace the past
Time to accept every choice and every decision
It’s time to make peace with it all

Om Satchedananda Parabrahma
Pursho Tama Paratmatama
Shri Bhagavate Samhitta, Shri Bhagavate Nama
Hare Om Tatsa…

Oneness already is
Oneness always was and will be
I AM that I AM
I AM infinite consciousness and bliss
I AM the Supreme Being
I AM that omniscient, omnipresent presence that dwells within all things
I AM Brahman
I AM Shiva
I AM Krishna
I AM the Goddess
I AM that I AM
I AM all that I see
And I AM all that I perceive
Infinite energy
Infinite potential
Open your palms
Dance into oneness
Dance into yourself
Allow your heart to shine
Allow your beingness to emanate forth
Receive it
Receive it now
Breathe in the oneness that you already are
Accept the oneness that you’ve always been
Embrace the oneness you will always be
You are already home
In this moment, you are divine
In this moment, you are whole and complete
In this moment, nothing is missing
You cannot be found in a teacher
You cannot be found at the feet of another
You cannot be found in a practice
And you cannot be found in a mantra
Truth is a pathless land
Truth is a pathless land
Truth is a pathless land
Truth is a pathless land
Truth is a pathless land
Truth is a pathless land
Truth - pathless land
Truth - pathless land
Live it
See it
Feel it
Oneness has arrived
Oneness is here
In each breath and in every moment
You are whole
You are complete
Accept it
Accept the truth
I AM that I AM
I AM that I AM
I AM that I always was
I’m going to invite the Divine to remind you of the truth
You are everything you’ve been seeking outside of yourself
You are divine
You are sacred
You are holy
You are your own spiritual authority
You are your own source of wisdom, grace, and healing
You are your own divine essence


from Dance Away Your Density: Mantra Mash​-​Up, released December 5, 2012



all rights reserved


MC I∞AM Naples, Florida

MC I∞AM (aka Panache Desai) comes from an ancient lineage of rappers called Brahmins. As a teenager growing up in the rough streets of London, Panache found the “street-power” of his voice when he started rapping at underground raves. This fusion of ancient Brahmin and modern rapper has created a new voice – the voice of MC I∞AM calling for freedom, empowerment, abundance and justice for all. ... more

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